Integrated medical platform for doctors and patients

The project is an integrated medical platform, which makes it possible, within a single interface, to keep patient medical records, gather statistics on the diseases dynamics, use the connected Physician’s Desk References, share information on the disease progression with related specialists, and directly communicate with both the patients and the colleagues via a mobile messenger.

By registering in the service, a patient can not only enjoy a user-friendly environment of interacting with their doctor, but also participate in the register of their disease, fill questionnaires on their condition dynamics, and monitor analytical data on the treatment dynamics. There is also a functionality to keep a family profile and create a medical card for relatives and close ones.

Additionally, the service helps preparing presentations and reports on clinical cases and getting access to analytical data on various diseases (medical registers).
As part of the project, we have developed the company’s identity, main website, user’s accounts for doctors and patients, moderators and supervisors (web + mobile), as well as the iOS/Android mobile application to use the service from wherever the user is at the moment.






Portals, mobile applications