I-Partner: Web projects

Our competence and accumulated experience help us offer a full range of digital services. Of course, the development, support and promotion of digital projects form its basis. However, we are ready to offer decisions for problems, which go beyond both web and mobile solutions.

Corporate websites

We are an experienced design company (and as such we are quite flexible). Our portfolio includes projects of various nature, but it is primarily formed by corporate websites. We apply a uniform development approach: prior to starting the development, we review the competitors and foreign analogs of the client, analyze its target groups and information requests, create a map of communicative goals of the client and its future website, and only then start developing the solution. This solution considers both the needs of audiences and the problems facing the client company.

We prefer the comprehensive approach to brand communications and consider the website as one of its key media. In this context a corporate website addresses two basic tasks: detaching from the competitive environment and communicating emotional/rational advantages of the company’s brand to the audiences.


We both love and are good at working with big projects. Portal solutions give us an opportunity to fully use our methodology from the content strategy development until launching, post-release support, and promotion. The quality-based approach to first design stages, in particular to the preparation of concepts and html-prototyping, determines a significant part of success in large projects. The clear understanding and management of project risks, which grow massively according to the law of large numbers in case of large development volumes, also play an important role.

We do not offer just services on developing prototypes and design, programming and testing for websites of complex architecture and large volume of content, since our key advantage is our great experience in successful launch of large industry portals and quality expertise not only in development, but also in management of such projects.

Promotional Websites and Landing pages

Product and event websites are the solutions we regularly develop as both individual projects and as part of comprehensive services for our clients. Our cases include a lot of solutions for the markets of real estate, food, and drugs (fmcg). In these projects, we generally use a more flexible approach to the interface visualization and try to make something more effective and interesting.

If a promotional project is a case for us, and we understand that we can add something new for our portfolio through it, we often make concessions to the client and offer special cooperation terms.

Online stores

When developing e-commerce solutions, we pay much attention to analyzing the semantic core of the future project subject to the specifics of the client’s goods items. This enables us to understand the client’s priorities at the very beginning and to consider them when designing the future online store interface. We use both the off-the-shelf licensed platforms (1C Beatrix) and the customized development - this depends on the client’s objectives and capabilities in a greater degree. We have a vast experience of integration with various data bases and pay great attention to the project architecture elaboration and preliminary design. We try to apply a rational approach to the interface, creating, at the same time, an attractive up-to-date design.

At the moment, we pay special attention to the “mobility” of e-commerce solutions, since it will obviously be the key to success on the e-commerce market in the near future.

Social media apps

Applications and web-services for social media provide great opportunities for communication with audience within this important environment. We create projects of any complexity for all key social media, from the development of the concept to the final product. The most common among our cases are the applications to support media campaigns of the clients - these may include promotional projects and games or utilitarian services.

Cost and Terms

We offer solutions for clients of various budget levels. We are ready to offer solutions for companies with all kinds of objectives and capabilities. For this purpose, I-Partner has simplified development procedures that allow us to get a high quality level with less investment.

We are extremely dedicated to meeting the project deadlines, and we always fulfill the assumed obligations. Strict compliance with the implementation deadlines is one of the pillars of our client’s policy.

The project schedule (as well as the project budget with the technical specification) is one of the annexes to a development contract.

Average term of development: 3-4 months. The more expensive the project, the larger scope of works it includes and the longer the terms of its development are.

Under the contract, I-Partner shall be liable for failure to meet the delivery date.

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