HTML design and concepts

Development of clickable html-prototypes

Vision and clear understanding of the final product by all project participants is one of the key prerequisites for its successful implementation. This is especially important for startups, when the project is at the very first stage of elaboration, with its main idea (insight) already clear but the architecture and interface solutions not yet formalized. It is the basic model of the project that allows the preliminary assessment of the development and the business planning, which are very important for its current and future investors. To meet these objectives, we develop a clickable html-prototype. The prototype is a clickable html-skeleton; i.e., a convenient diagram, reflecting the information and navigation concept (idea) of the future website. The structure of information sections and functional content (services) is created within it. The prototype permits to look at the future project from the point of view of the interface and its elements, and not on the level of often-ambiguous words in the text of the general idea description or development brief. Its form is very much like the future application, and its cost is incomparable to the MVP launch, which is its main advantage. Later, the prototype becomes the basis for development of the project’s terms of reference.

Development of visual applications concepts

A sole prototype can often be insufficient to present the project to potential investors: you have to show them the interface design to spare the audience immersing into schematic models. In such case, we offer our clients to develop the project concept design. Having created the HTML-prototype, we gradually depict key application screens, which, upon approval, are also brought into the clickable prototype format. In fact, this is already the next level of interface elaboration, but without creation of the program application framework. This stage is more expensive than the schematic HTML-prototype, but it has its own visible advantages from the point of view of the future product understanding and presentation. An additional point is that in future it will reduce the cost of its development.

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