Subscriber servicing
and support

Technical support is an important part in the lifecycle of any mobile application. New devices appear every week, operating systems are updated from time to time, so the product itself should be timely updated according to the changes on the market. It is very important for the application to meet the requirements of the existing audience and attract new users. Regular updating plays a major role in the process of involving new users (so called, “organic” traffic) and prolonging the lifecycle of an application. Apart from the mobile client, there is the problem of supporting and hosting the server part of the project.

There are also situations when our clients, for some reasons, cannot continue working with an application developer and wish to transfer the project to another company. We are ready to work with the projects of third-party developers, perform the initial audit of the application and, if the source code quality and the project architecture permit, execute all necessary changes and support the project.

We have all capabilities and competencies required to handle these problems ourselves. From our experience we know that this often roves to be cheaper and more efficient than the self-dependent support of the project inside the company. We provide comprehensive monitoring of project operability, and we are competent enough to maintain client’s servers.

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