Bnet: mobile application

Bnet is the mobile subdivision of I-Partner, whose main task is to develop native mobile applications. At the moment, Bnet team has crafted over 100 projects for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.


iOS is the leader and originator of the mobile app market. Positioning of Apple products unites the most progressive, advance, and, above all, solvent audience.

This is why the gross income of both Apple as a manufacturer and AppStore is well above its competitor Google Play (Android Market), which is more successful in terms of the number of users. The same reasons, particularly, determine the popularity of iOS among the clients and developers, aimed at monetization of their applications. We constantly face this situation in Bnet, in particular, when it comes to startup projects, regularly ordered from us.


The platform is the most popular in the world in terms of the number of users. This is because it is supported by a huge number of mobile devices in all price categories and has rich functionality and reputation of Google that has integrated its main services into Android and is its primary owner. The potential of such a large audience is successfully realized in the Google Play Store (previously - Android Market), which is second in income to Apple’s AppStore, but has a larger number of apps and goes considerably well ahead of AppStore in terms of the total number of downloads. This is especially significant for corporate applications, for which the maximum coverage of users and mobile devices is very important.

Windows Phone

It ranks third among the most popular mobile platforms. In its Windows Phone product, Microsoft was able to combine the advantages of Android and iOS by packing them into a groundbreaking interface. Its key advantage is the support by a great number of devices of various price categories: the well-developed Microsoft ecosystem, which permits to synchronize office applications, the dynamically developing Marketplace mobile app store, innovative Metro design, user-friendly navigation, and many more. Currently, the share of the Windows Phone devices is about 12% of the global smartphones market. In terms of the Russian mobile development market, applications on this platform are not among the most frequently requested. However, subject to the upcoming trend and comprehensive approach to the mobile development, the company employs several full-time WP experts.

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