We offer a range of solutions for clients
of various budgets.

Bnet uses the market-standard model of determining the projects’ cost. The project cost is calculated on the basis of the amount of time (working hours) required to perform the task specified under the project. The cost of a working hour is determined by the qualification of specialists involved in the project.

We do not use low-cost regional outsourcing to reduce the development cost -
all specialists involved in the project work in the in-house format in our Moscow office near Dmitrovskaya subway station.
You can talk to each of them in person.

In terms of price positioning, Bnet works in the “middle” range.
We strive for the most detailed calculation of the project cost at the pre-contractual stage.
This allows us to exclude the additional “risk” budget from the price and
offer the adequate implementation price to the clients.

The project estimate includes all development stages: design, html-prototyping,
design, development (coding), integration (network interfacing),
testing, and release.

Upon launching the project, the client will be provided
with a free three-month project support.

Our implementation methodology and experience makes it possible to minimize
all possible project risks, shorten the development time, and offer an adequate
assessment of the development prior to the project start.

We eliminate the risk of inadequate assessment of the project scope and subsequent
unplanned increase of the budget. We perform detailed justification
of the cost and implementation terms in the form of an estimate and schedule.
Already at the early stage the Client knows exactly what product they will receive in the end.

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