Vrachi. RF: Specialized social media for doctors

Vrachi.rf is the only Russian professional community of medics, united with the information referral system for medicinal products (medicinal products register), which over 90% of doctors use in their practice. This is the single platform with a large data base of publications, clinical trials results, materials of scientific conferences, and communication of doctors with both each other and representatives of the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

The community allows doctors gaining the deserved recognition from their colleagues and the entire medical community; i.e., this is an effective way to come into the spotlight in the professional environment and, perhaps, get interesting offers for cooperation from the best health care centers, medical product companies, and pharmaceutical businesses.

The Vrachi.rf mobile phone and tablet application is a mobile social media client. Here you can look through users’ publications, share your practice, comment clinical cases of your colleagues, and share messages and pictures. In fact, it turned out to be a kind of Instagram for doctors.

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